Soham Sarcar

Soham Sarcar

Founder of Transhuman Collective


Transhuman Collective is the brainchild of Soham Sarcar & Snehali Shah, who has experience in multiple creative disciplines including Design / Branding / Advertising / Environment Design, New Media and Motion Graphics. Experience combined, they have handled more than 300 Projects across industries and mediums over the last 16 years.

We see the Future
We have always challenged the status quo. We have endeavoured to push the envelope, just a little bit more, with every project .Transhuman Collective has spearheaded the Alternative Visual Art movement in India since 2008, experimenting with cutting edge visual and immersive technologies like Live Video Art, 3d Projection Mapping, Performance Art, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality as well as curating and creating traditional Art Installations and Street Art.

The Most Spectacular
We proud ourselves as one of the most original and the edgiest immersive experience design company in India. THC has created some of the most spectacular and jaw dropping immersive experiences around the world for Corporate Brands as well as Govt.Bodies including the Make in India Lion Augmented Reality.

The Power of Collective
We believe in the power of collaboration that’s why we are one of the largest collective of local and international Artists, Coders, Technologists, Designers, and Animators, together creating something bespoke and absolutely unique.

Design + Technology = Magic
Design Thinking and crisp/dramatic storytelling is at the core of everything we do. THC provides Creative Consultancy, in immersive experience design to weave a gripping Transmedia Story as well as produces these experiences using their proprietary technologies and software combined with spectacular storytelling, Production Design and Content.