Roshan Rawal

Roshan Rawal

Founder and CEO of Exposit VR


Mr Roshan Rawal as our interviewee. Roshan Rawal is the founder of a unique startup called ExpoSit. You will learn a lot from this story of Roshan Rawal in his own words. I am Roshan Rawal, a student of computer engineering at L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. Tell us about your business modelIt’s ExpoSit which is an AR VR based Startup where we Provide AR VR services to manufacturing, real estates and working on educational AR VR product.

Roshan describes himself as a computer engineering student passionate about to solve the real time problem and hackathons enthusiasts. I have experiences of organizing, hosting, leading the team at college level, given a talk at Microsoft Global azure bootcamp and winner at 4 hackathons with addition of two internships.