Rahul Sehgal

Rahul Sehgal

Game Maker and Educator | YouTuber Up and Atom


Rahul Sehgal is an amazing Game Maker and Educator he’s sharing his vast experiences with his YouTube channel Up Your Game.

A graduate of VFS (Vancouver Film School)’s Game Design program, Rahul has performed the roles of QA Intern, Level Designer, Game Designer, Producer and Creative Director.

He interned at Piranha Games in Vancouver before relocating to Hyderabad to take up a Game Designer’s position in Gameloft in 2010. He left Gameloft in 2011 to establish Roach Interactive.

Rahul is also involved in education for Interactive Media since 2010, mentoring and instructing B.Tech, B.FA and diploma students in Concept creation, Design, Project management and Marketing.

He used to live on a Boat. True story.

Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmQauraL-PccblfKtykK44Q