What is XRDI ?

Extended Reality Developers of India is the biggest community of XR Professionals in India. This community was founded in September 2019 and crossed 1000+ member registrations in first 3 months. Community works towards a big picture of democratising the knowledge of Extended Reality Technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Haptics.

Our community is built by XR Professionals who are representing the flag of XR for India in field of XR.
We are contributing to XR Growth in India in 7 major ways.

  • XR Awareness
  • XR Content Production
  • XR Entertainment
  • XR Skill Democratisation
  • XR Empowerment
  • XR Networking
  • XR Growth

XR Awareness

Extend Reality is the future and this fact is mentioned by every major Media House. The more people will be aware of it, The easier transaction we will see in traditional to XR Computing.

XR Content Production

XRDI is the platform  for collaborating and introducing with XR Creators. We are working on several projects in fields like XR Journal, XR Education, XR HealthCare,  XR Services and more to come.

XR Entertainment

XRDI runs XR Podcast which is India’s first Podcast focused entirely on Extended Reality Technologies. On the Podcast experts from all around the world share their experiences and vision about XR Technologies and Many more shows are yet to come by end of year 2020.

XR Skill Democratisation

XRDI started with aim of democratising  XR Knowledge. XRDI has created a course for learning Unity and AR/VR. We are also providing ground level workshops in colleges all over India to boost XR Revolution.

XR Empowerment

XRDI is spreading the message that any Skill can be translated and even enhanced  by the blend of XR Technologies.

XR Networking

We’re already the biggest and most responsive community of XR Professionals in India. We’re connecting Job Seekers with XR Employee Seekers and Investors with startups.

XR Growth

Demand and Supply are very interdependent terms.


XRDI Job portel posted in cities like Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore. In first months.


Active contributors and volunteer in all over India.


Members joined XRDI group and getting befits of XR Knowledge Revolution.

We are always here to hear from you.


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